Emerald Coast Tourism -Destin Florida

Here are a few selects from my multi-day tourism shoot and a little background of this fun and interesting shoot with great behind the scene adventures.

The client wanted to add my style of motion and color to their new campaign to promote Destin, Florida and the Emerald Coast. We shot this 3-day shoot on land and sea using everything from sailboats to an inner tube surrounded by jellyfish… Luckily (amazing) I didn’t get stung on my legs that were floating in the water, or lost in the fog.

Traveling to the panhandle of Florida from South Florida is a hike, doing it four times is a trek!  But that’s what some of my crew did from Miami 9 hours each way. The ad agency travelled from New Orleans which was just 4 hours to this sandy paradise. The first day of location scouting was a beautiful day sunny. The online weather service apps were predicting pretty much the same weather for the rest of the week. I was a happy camper until we woke up the next day and we had freak fog banks that didn’t burn off when the sun came up. I calmly spoke with the client and told them…” Sometimes we have to hurry up and wait!” for mother nature.

We had to work on certain dates to complete the production. This was my first shoot ever that I had to postponed for weather delays. I have an amazing weather service  http://www.wriwx.com Weather Routing Inc. that has never failed to provide me all the weather information in real time worldwide since 2002. I was informed that this freak weather pattern wasn’t going to dissipate anytime that was budget friendly. I worked with the creative team and crew to figure out a new timeline and budget so we could complete this project within a reasonable timeframe and budget.